Thank you for joining the Prosper Planner Community. We pray that this planner helps you prosper in all areas of life. This is a new year of seeing your vision & goals come to fruition.

Here at Prosper Planner we want you to prosper just like God says in 3 John 2.

Our purpose is to give you the tools to set yourself up for this year, which we pray will transfer over into your life. We believe in speaking God’s truth over our lives and letting Him do the work through us. Here is a breakdown of our PROSPER acronym.

P - Allow God to manifest his PLAN for your life - Jeremiah 29:11

R - RETAIN God’s word in your heart - Proverbs 4:4

O - Meditate in the Word day&night; OBSERVE to do what is written - Joshua 1:8

S - SEEK first the kingdom of God and His righteousness - Matthew 6:33

P - All things work together for those called to His PURPOSE - Romans 8:28

E - Eat, drink and allow your soul to ENJOY your work - Ecclesiastes 2:24

R - Run to God and you will find REST for your soul - Matthew 11:28-29

Our goal is to build a community, where we can all continue to build & grow together, offer more products, all while encouraging you in the Lord and aiding you with the tools to prosper.

with love, Xiomara

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